Thursday, 30 May 2013

MAJA DELAK & LUKA PRINCIC - sublimation revision - kamizdat



SUBLIMATION REVISION - performance audio visuale
KAMIZDAT - just an other DIY label

sabato 1 giugno @ Teatro Valdoca - via Aldini 26 - Cesena

SUBLIMATION REVISION is an experimental audio-visual performance that utilises modulation, granulation and feedback loops on sonic and visual material to arrive at electrifying blend of gentle and brutal always on the border between the abstract and concrete. It draws material from experiments with a/v compression algorithms and custom digital signal processing using free software tools (Linux, Pure Data). Thematically it deals with notions of shame and beside-ness in immersive techno-society and its ethical implications.

We are interested in the process of individual’s subjectification, becoming, actuality, and affective transformation of her/his self-image. We are considering the mechanisms of contemporaneity that co-create and crucially mark our self-imaging, for we are dealing with an intertwinement of the images of the body and of the media that mediate them. In the words of Amelia Jones, we could say that we struggle for activation and not for suppression of our dislocatedness, projection, and identification.

Created and performed by: Luka Prinčič, Maja Delak
Programming: Luka Prinčič
Produced and supported by: WNDV, Emanat

KAMIZDAT, Just another DIY label
KAMIZDAT is a Slovene netlabel born in 2006 and resurrected in 2013. It covers a broad horizon of genres while maintaining dedication to releases of local artists. Apart from free digital downloads ( & bandcamp) it occasionally forays into releasing physical objects in limited editions sourced from, and collaboratively created by, local crafts-women and men. Our values are do-it-yourself ethos, local action, free software, environmental awareness and critical theory.

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