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Come at the general FACK assembly on 30 July for preparation of  the FACK BORDER MEETING on 3 - 4 August 2016 – Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina (MSUV), Novi Sad (Serbia)

From 25 July to 5 august different activities will take place within the 2016 FACK MSUV event set as an experimental social-artistic platform and as a TAZ - Temporary Autonomous Zone within, and around, the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad (Serbia). The coming FACK MSUV event is announced in parallel with the exhibition of a collective visual answer on fences and man “COLD WALL” , which opens at MSUV on 8. July and which will at a certain point flow into the event/TAZ. Same as during the previous 2014 FACK MSUV event ( the museum building will again be open for different interventions and uses based on participation, solidarity, cooperation, free-exchange and self-organization: artists, activists, researchers, and all interested persons who wish to intervene are free to take part and to realize activities and meetings, to use the given time-space frame for experimenting and questioning the dominant system of cultural and artistic production, of neoliberal work, social, urban and migrant policies and other related issues among which the right to the city.

We call for organizing on 3 - 4 August, within the frame of the 2016 FACK MSUV event, an international FACK BORDERS MEETING against closed borders policy and in support to migrants.

All interested individuals, activists and volunteers, independent groups and other realities active in and around no border movement, working in direct solidarity and in support to migrants’ struggle are invited to take part in FACK BORDERS meeting. FACK BORDERS proposes to use the museum in any way that might be useful for their struggle and activities, for networking, work meetings, discussions, workshops, presentations and assemblies. This is the occasion for an experiment in NEW USE of a cultural institution, by opening it to the migrants’ and revolted EU citizens’ struggle for the freedom of movement and against closed borders policy.

One of the questions we intend to tackle within the FACK BORDERS meeting is how contemporary artistic production relates to the suject of migrations, or better scandalous EU border and migrant policies. We invite both artists and activists to reflect on sometimes problematic use of migrants related thematic in art projects and works and on possible ways of eluding and subverting the mechanisms of capture by the art system and the art market.

We propose to gather for a general assembly on Saturday 30 July at 18pm at MSUV (Dunavska 37, 21000 Novi Sad, Srbija) in order to organize the activities of the FACK BORDER meeting that will take place in the following days of  3 and 4 August. In case we need more time for preparation and realization of the proposed activities we can extend the meeting into the following days of 5 - 6 August.

About logistic. FACK MSUV is an experiment in alternative use of a public cultural institution. The programming, organizing and managing of the event is a collective process carried by the participants in collaboration with the museum staff - we will share time and space deciding together how to use the museum and how to realize proposed activities. The modest budget on disposal will be used for accommodation of participants and for common meals in the museum. We will prepare and consume meals in an improvised kitchen settled in the museum garden.

For information and participation write to

See you in Novi Sad !
fack community

(ph. Francesco Giusti)

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