Sunday, 2 November 2014

FACK MSUV Audio and Video files

Dear participants and friends of FACK MSUV
Below you will find links to the FACK MSUV Video and Audio files recorded by Stefanos Mondelos during the FACK MSUV proceedings. Most of the presentations, assemblies, music and dance improvisations are there.
They are released under Creative Commons: Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 License, open to all kinds of derivatives, so you are free to use, mix, edit (even for commercial use).

Audio files are continuous recordings of the respective recorded session (presentation or speech).
Video files are also continuous but the moving or still images superimposed over the respective recorded audio, are not continuous. So they are connected with nice blacks during which you can only listen to the audio. That's a nice opportunity for everyone who wish to enrich the videos by adding his or hers own images and uploading new versions of them.

I hope you 'll enjoy them.

FACK MSUV Audio:!hQUwDSSI!Xrn1QomiEVMeMRe5ppc8PA


PS Unfortunately MEGA cloud service does not offer any preview capability directly from their website so you have to download files to the hard disk of your computer in order to hear/view the files, but It is the only cloud service offering 50 GB free storage capacity.