Sunday, 21 April 2013

F.A.C.K. use and care

WHAT (the) F.A.C.K. IS

F.A.C.K. stands for Forum/Festival/Faktum Agora/Arts Container/Contemporary/Community Kultura/Kontejner and many more

F.A.C.K. is (con)temporary container of practices and ideas dedicated to alternative organizational and production models for arts and culture

F.A.C.K. is a collaborative transdisciplinary platform for artists and theoreticians which they can use freely to produce, present and share their work and ideas

F.A.C.K. is self-organized and self-produced open community of independent and critical creative workers and interested public

F.A.C.K. stands for FACK! to actual political, financial and cultural CRISIS and in general to ALL [including artists themselves] that exploits, manipulates and commercialize artistic and theoretical practice


F.A.C.K. offers a time-space frame, basic technical support and some general lines of flight [the call_document] / The participants decide and propose what they want to do within the offered overall context / Each participant have to cover the expenses of his/her participation in F.A.C.K. / If needed F.A.C.K. can help with accommodation / In case F.A.C.K. receives a financial support all the participants will be reimbursed in equal shares 

You are not selected for F.A.C.K. / You are just informed [the call] why, when and where F.A.C.K. takes place [by the way F.A.C.K.2 takes place in Cesena, Italy from 25 May to 2 june 2013] / You were informed about F.A.C.K. because someone is interested in your work/thought

You select F.A.C.K. for yourself and for your work / If you are interested to participate please contact the participants-hosts from Cesena in order to book your proposition / You are the sole responsible for the quality of your proposition

If you want you can also contact to inform [by forwarding "the call"] other persons you believe can be interested in F.A.C.K. and in whose work/thought you are interested / This chain of common interest and trust is F.A.C.K.'s "selection" mechanism and F.A.C.K.'s guarantee of "quality" [supposing that the initial interest comes from the persons that have a good flair .-) ]  

The artists/theoreticians can also decide to present nothing but simply be present at the event(s) / for F.A.C.K. being just present is also a way of sharing and participating

If you want to follow the F.A.C.K. events as a simple spectator you can do it for free / This is not because F.A.C.K. events are not worth but on the contrary because they are worth much more than you are able (or willing) to pay / F.A.C.K. events are entrance free so that they can be accessible to all

Anyone who receives the F.A.C.K._call can comment on it, suggest modifications and add new material / The instrument for that is the blog: [you need to contact F.A.C.K. to get the administrator's password]

For all information and reclamations related to F.A.C.K. please write or call: / +39 338188 9040

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